I went shopping on my own yesterday. Since I was left all alone at home and my friends were not around to accompany me to shop, I decided to go shopping alone. It was an impulsive decision, but I had a great time shopping on my own. 

Went to Seberang Perai City aka Jaya Jusco Bandar Perda. I have planned to buy lot of things but since I was without my board of councils aka my frens so I've decided against it. KIVed to another shopping excursion. 

Here's what I've bought. 

Some novels. 

These novels are at the price of two for three novels. It was worth it. 

This is to complete my Twilight Saga collection. 

Since now I am in the mood of wearing tudungs with designs on them. Bought myself 2 more to add to my collection of tudungs with designs. 

A silver ring. Was planning to buy a white gold ring but since I was on my own and no council to advise me. I decided not to pursue that dream yet. Will do so at another time, another shopping mall. 

This will have to do for the time being. 

Last but not least, a unique bangle. Fell in love with the uniqueness..

So that was how I spent a day on my own. Quite dangerous eh??? A danger to my purse actually... hehehehhehe...

Until later .. daaaaaaaa.......

5 fren(s) of disturbia:

  1. akak! bangle tu kiut! ;) beshnye dia pi soping2. kalo kita duk dekat2 lama da ween join. ehehe

  2. ween..

    kalau kita duk dekat memang dah lama akak ajak awak join.. habis le semua shopping complex kita terjah... heheheh

  3. hi D,

    that's a good theraphy! it always work for me tho'... shopping alone!

    but agree with u, dangerous to the purse, it can be!! hehe

  4. hi teesh,

    It really helps .. now i'm back to my ownself. It doesn't hurt anymore. Now I can talk to him as if nothing ever happens...

  5. i pun sama. kalo shopping sesorang memang sangat dasat la berbelanja. kalo ada member kat sbelah ok skit sbb ada yg tolong advise ^-^