Right now I am not in the mood to update this blog. I am still thinking of whether to continue blogging here or move to a new blog where this dreadful person can no longer invade my privacy. 

Like I've written before, this blog is the place where I share my thoughts, voiced out my frustrations, speak my mind, vent my anger and many more. And I don't want to share it with the individuals in my life. This is where I share my feelings and private thoughts without these people knowing about it. 

A few days ago, it came to my knowledge that someone found my blog, read it and she's been telling others about it. So now I know that she has invaded my privacy and I am really mad at this person. I don't mind her reading the blog if it is just for the sake of reading. But when she read the blog with the intention of spreading my thoughts and feelings around, then I am really mad. 

She's been telling others that she had found my blog. I realised that she wanted to get an update on my feelings toward that guy. I no longer have any feelings for him. This time I am really over him. Knowing that the guy is the reason for her in reading my blog is driving me nuts with anger. If she really wanted to know my true feelings, just ask me lor. So stupid of her to invade my privacy like this. 

To make things worse, she has been reading my blog for quite some time. Huh... to think that we are friends and she stabbed me in the back. What a stupid and dreadful person. 

But a friend told me to keep on writing here. She told me not to move or quit just because of this dreadful person. She also told me to keep writing in English since this person's English is really bad. She won't be able to fully understand what I've written. 

Enough said... I'm still thinking and evaluating from every aspects.... 

Until then .......... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................

16 fren(s) of disturbia:

  1. Akak, keep on writing. Just ignore the stupid person or change ur blog setting (make this blog a private blog). Masih ada jugak minah kepoh kat sekolah ek. Agaknya dah takde kerja lain dok ganggu privacy org. What a LOSER!

  2. disturbia,

    kita ni senasib. now you understand why i put 'No Entry' for one of my posts.

    sabar jela... ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

  3. jahatnya..buat private blog setting la n jgn lupa invite me k!

  4. Wiween, iBlog and Elis

    tu le pasal... dah takde keje sangat gamaknya... tapi rasanya malas nak private kan blog... lantak p le kat dia.... from now on kalau entry yg emo skit i nak write in english ler... biar padan muka dia .. terkulat2 nak baca... heheheheh

  5. lantak p le kat dia.... from now on kalau entry yg emo skit i nak write in english ler... biar padan muka dia .. terkulat2 nak baca...



    right on girl! do it to please yrself, not to please others, esp such a person!

    keep on writing ok... it's surely the best way for people like u and me to tell our hearts out, not for anyone else, but solely for ourselves. agree?

    *just listen to your heart dear, and when yr heart is not there anymore, yr hand will stop writing...

    u keep writing ye 'cos yr frens and i will keep reading...

  6. on the other hand, u can also turn the table on her. write kaw2 punya entri pasal dia biar dia lak nangis kaw2 pehtu...amacam?

  7. dear teesh

    thanks for the support

    dear KC

    what a great idea :)

  8. tikam tikam bakang tewww.. uhuhu

  9. en_me

    memang pun ..

  10. akak jdkan private je. tp jgn luper jdkn sy invited reader plak.

    eee, sape la manusia yg baca blog org, pastu pi heboh2 cerita blk kt org lain. kalo org lain tu yg takde kene mengena dgn kita xpe la jgk, ni rakan2 sekerja.

    mmg takde sivik. Pegi amek subjek sivik dan kewarganegaraan la.

    tak pun, akak boleh buat entry yg privacy tu as private. org yg nak baca kena mintak paswed dr akak. hanya org yg akak kenal je akak bg paswed utk baca.

    setakat ni ada 2,3 org membe sek ada baca blog dayah, tp takde la diorang heboh2. lps diorang baca, diorang akan cerita kt dayah balik bgtau yg diorang baca, hehehe.

    org yg akak maksudkan tu tak reti dunia blog tu. dpt baca blog sikit pun dah kecoh.

    apa2 pun akak jgn stop berblog. trskan becoz there's lot of frens here in the blog world :)

  11. dayah..

    memang sakti hati betul ngan orang tu...
    tapi takper ler akak akan keep on blogging sebab it gives me a peace of mind.. heheheheh

  12. it is because that gul mmg ah tkt ngan diri dsendri da that gul ngah kejar byg2 yg same..

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