Hari ni malas nak cerita banyak2 ler... 
Agak penat sebab kuar umah kul 8.30 a.m.
Ada extra class with Year 6 pupils @ school for 1 hour. 
Then picked my fren @ her home.
Drove to Taiping... for shopping and sightseeing .. :P

So as promised here are the piccas... 
So let the piccas speak for themselves ek. 

First activity is Shopping @ Taiping Sentral

Kain pasang @ Kamdar untuk mini kurung kot...

Beli cuticle and nail balm @ The Face Shop
The Nail Polish is for my brooches.  Also from The Face Shop

Extra BB Cream @ The Face Shop
The 3 in 1 cream for u face. 
Lepas pakai boleh terus apply make up.
No more loose powder and all. 

A new pair of jeans @ Peace
Bukan branded punya tau 

A new blouse @ Peace

A new Coloris Accesories handbag @ Shop A Lot 
I like this brand sebab the price is reasonable and the design is nice.
Nak beli designer handbag tak mampu :P

Second Activity is Sightseeing @ Taiping Lake Garden

The Playground @ Lake Garden

The fountain in the middle of the lake was sponsered by Spritzer. 

The Swan ride. We both decided not to ride one since we're both tired from the shopping excursion :)

The trees along the roadside 

One of the scene from "Sepi" was filmed here. 

The lake 

6 fren(s) of disturbia:

  1. wah sejuk jer nengok suasana tepi tasik tu...

    polish brooch pakai nail polish?mcm mana tu?

  2. elis...

    bukan untuk polish brooch tapi untuk cover batu2 supaya tak mudah jatuh.. petua ni i dapat dari penjual brooch gak le

  3. ya ka pasal nail polish tu? waaahh boleh cuba try ni

  4. lollies..
    dulu i penah try ... alhamdulillah menjadi..

  5. lama tak g tepen.

  6. p le cuti2 ni