Yesterday was an enjoyable yet tiring day. Why??? Well... I went to have some fun with my families...

Now every Saturday I have to attend an extra class with my Year 6 pupils. This is for the so called Intensive UPSR class. I was assigned the 10.30 a.m. slot. But since I have to be somewhere that day, I asked a colleague to exchange her slot with me. So at 8 a.m. I was already in school teaching my pupils.

Soon after I went home. Changed my clothing into a t-shirt n a pair of track bottom. Top up my sunscreen, packed my bags and put all the items needed into the car and off we go. Where to???

My mom, brother and I went to my cousins' rambutans' orchard. My dad did not tag along as he had something else to attend to. The orchard was in a place called Pokok Tai. This was in Kedah. It's quite near to Guar Chempedak. After and hour and a half of driving, we arrived there. Everyone else was already there except for a cousin and her family.

Upon arriving I saw bags of rambutans already packed for everyone. But some of them were still picking the fruits on the trees. So I went exploring around the orchard. The orchard is quite big with lotsa rambutan trees. No other fruit trees there.

After eating some "kuih muih" we packed the rambutans into our cars and off we went. Where??

To another dusun lor... This dusun is owned by my Pak Ngah. He is my father's older brother. His house is located about 20 minutes from the rambutan's orchard. My Pak Ngah's orchard offered varieties of fruit. But sadly, the fruits were not available for picking yet. They needed another 2 weeks to ripen. So we'll be going there again in 2 or 3 weeks time. Yayyy!!!

Here, we had a nice picnic under a rambai tree. Everybody brought something from home. Delicious and mouthwatering food. Had a blast yesterday. Tasting every single food on the table.

We left the orchard at 4 p.m. I decided to spend the night at my Mak Njang's house. Had a nice time chit-chatting with my cousins. It's been a long time since we had a chance gossiping like last nite.... hahahahahahaha

The best part of yesterday, was the fact that I got the chance to meet my cousins whom I missed so much. We were quite close and I haven't seen them since early this year. And most importantly I got to see my sweethearts.... (my two cute nieces)

Bags of rambutans to be taken home

Pokok amra a.k.a kedondong

Our rides

Pokok palas used for making Ketupat Daun Palas

Plastik yang dipasang untuk menakutkan si monyet

Durians @ Dusun Pak Ngah

camni ler cara nak wat asam keping


Pokok manggis yg rendah tapi berbuah lebat gak

Buah dokong yang akan masak in 2 weeks time ... Yummy!!!

Pokok rambai yg lebat buahnya...

p/s I brought home lotsa rambutans n manggis ... buah2 lain in 2 weeks time kot.... hehehehehe

8 fren(s) of disturbia:

  1. byknya buah kat dusun pak ngah akak. beshnyeeeeeeeeee. kalo dekat lama da nyebok nak ikut! eheheheh

  2. monyet mmg takut dgn plastik yg dibuat gtu ke? berkesan ek?

  3. hei D,

    that 'lonely' manggis makes me drool!!! hmmmm

  4. wiween...
    jom ler... hehehehe

    dayah ...
    akak pun tak pasti ler.. tapi akak tanya orang kat situ dia cakap memang berkesan.. sebab monyet tu ingatkan ada org kat pokok tuh... :)

    the manggis were really nice... :)

  5. sib baik tak citer pasal doryan.. kannns

  6. nak dokong..nak dokong :(

  7. en_me..

    kat sana durian belum banyak yg masak lagi....


    2 minggu lagi baru ada.... heheheheh

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