Hello! I am new here.

I am new at this blogging thing. I've been a silent reader for almost a year and I guess now I am ready to embark on a new journey in life. I guess this is the right place for me to say what I can't say out loud, to vent my anger and frustration, to share my sadness and happiness with those who doesn't really know me.

I am an individual who likes to keep things bottled up inside of me. So i need a place to say it out loud without actually saying it out loud. So, I really hope that this will be the place where I can say what I want, whenever I want to....

That's all for now... daa....till next time...

5 fren(s) of disturbia:

  1. Welcome my dear.. selamat menulis..

  2. thanks... hopefully i boleh menulis as good as u... selalunya i jarang dapat meluahkan apa yg terbuku dihati ni... :)

  3. welcome hun! ;)

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging. Thanks for stopping by at my blog :D

  5. welcome to blogsphere..mebi u one of my silent reader before rite?